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Spirit Psychic and Crystal Healing

Shungite Towers

Shungite Towers

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Shungite has to date mainly been found in Russia. The main deposit is in the Lake Onega area of Karelia, at Zazhoginskoye, near Shunga, with another occurrence at Vozhmozero.

Shungite is technically not a crystal but a mineraloid (like amber, opal, or obsidian), due to its structure. But that doesn't make it any less powerful! Used for centuries, shungite has long been considered a stone for healing, with Peter the Great of Russia using it in his spa to purify water.

Shungite is said to remove impurities and other organic substances from water. This makes shungite useful for sewage and water treatment, and water treatment at heat power plants. Antimicrobial uses. Shungite also seems able to kill bacteria and other germs.

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