Collection: Psychic Readings & Tarot

Since the age of 16, I have had ‘knowings’, and over the last few years I have learnt how I can use my gift not only for my friends and family but now also for you.
My readings are very much based on feeling.
I connect with you and feel what you are feeling, and I can help you understand those feelings.
I like to use my oracle cards to request advice from spirit to give to you.
From my spirit guides, and yours to you.
If you are interested to hear my story of who I discovered my gift it’s included in this video:

I have created Spirit Psychic & Crystal Reading so I can offer readings and support people through the products I sell. All the items I have in my store are used, or recommended by me.

You can book a reading with me, within this store.

Here is a recent reading so you can see what it includes:

Please note if you wish to give a gift of a reading, please use the 30 minute reading option as the 5 minute are not really suitable as a gift voucher. 
Just message me upon purchase and we can send you a gift voucher via email
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me,