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Secret Spirit by Sally Morgan

Secret Spirit by Sally Morgan

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Britain’s best-loved psychic medium lifts the veil on connecting with hidden higher powers

No one knows more about the secrets of the spirit world and the hidden energy that it holds than Britain’s favourite psychic Sally Morgan. And now, for the first time, she shares her knowledge with you.

Secret Spirit is Sally’s ground-breaking guide to the power of spirit and how to harness it to improve life, love, health and happiness.

She explores the world of spirit, dabbles with the dead and explains how we are all connected to a higher energy that we can plug in to in times of need. She investigates love and loss, recounting some of her most powerful, heart-breaking psychic encounters and reveals how everyone can use their own spiritual capital for better living.

At a time when the world craves healing, Sally takes the reader on a journey of discovery to connect with the ancient power of spirit that resides in us all.

Drawing on her own amazing encounters with the world of spirit and peppered with anecdotes about her crazy showbiz psychic life, Secret Spirit lifts the veil on life and death and positive spirit power.

Sally recounts some of the emotional real-life readings she has had with the spirit world and uses these to tell the hidden story of spirit, providing advice, practical guidance and hope.

Part memoir, part self-help guide, this fascinating book takes the reader through the history of spirituality, what it means in the world and how Sally’s version for the modern age can be harnessed in the personal space. Secret Spirit is an uplifting book about hope and happiness, that deals with the dead as well as a brighter way of living – and is told in Sally’s inimitable, lovable, no-nonsense style.

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