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Spirit Psychic & Crystal Healing

Psychic Development for Beginners

Psychic Development for Beginners

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Learn how to Develop Your Intuition & Psychic Gifts today!

With this book, you will learn how to tap into your intuition and develop your psychic ability with over 20 psychic exercises included!

Everyone has a sixth sense or an intuition and Emily will introduce and cover a variety of psychic topics to help you become more aware of your psychic ability and how to use it in your everyday life! Discover your psychic gifts and practice using them today!

With each chapter comes practical psychic exercises to jumpstart your intuition including Free Bonus Psychic Exercises with a newsletter signup and a free download to Emily's Psychic Soul Radio iTunes Podcast!

This is a great book for the beginner to advanced student and will guide you along your soul journey.

Topics covered:

  • *Recognizing a Psychic Impression vs. Your Own Logic
  • *Telepathy & Practical Exercises
  • *Meditation & Practice Meditation Exercises
  • *Psychometry & How to Use it
  • *Our 5 Psychic Senses with Practice Exercises
  • *Clairvoyance *Clairaudience *Clairsentience 
  • *The 5 Clairs & How to Use Them
  • *Psychic Dreams
  • *Symbolism & How to Interpret Psychic Symbols
  • *FREE Bonus Psychic Exercises when you sign up for Emily's Newsletter *FREE Link to Emily's Psychic Soul iTunes Podcast available for download *and More!

Emily Stroia is a professional Intuitive and Medium based in the New York City metro and New Jersey area. She uses her intuition and mediumship abilities to offer guidance to all her clients, encouraging them to move forward in a positive direction no matter what obstacles the future has in store for them. She also updates a personal blog and teaches classes on developing your intuitive and spiritual gifts. 

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