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Moss Agate Pendulum - Merkaba (Star)

Moss Agate Pendulum - Merkaba (Star)

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Merkaba (Star) Pendulum

The word Merkaba can be translated as light -Mer, Spirit-Ka body-Ba, it means spirit and body surrounded by Light.

A Merkaba-shaped crystal appears as a star tetrahedron; a 3-dimensional 8-pointed star made from two triangular pyramids, one pointing up, the other down. It was valued and used in many cultures and religions including the ancient Egyptian and Jewish religions.

A Merkaba-shaped crystal is an efficient tool that can be used in different ways to help us reach our full potential. It can be made of different crystals with powerful healing and cleansing properties.

How To Use a Merkaba Shaped Crystal

Used in meditation a Merkaba-shaped crystal, enables us to experience expanded awareness, connects us with our Higher Self, and helps us to experience elevated states of consciousness.

Performed correctly, the Merkaba meditation integrates and harmonizes the feminine and masculine aspects of our being.

A Merkaba-shaped crystal can be programmed through meditation and intentions.

Merkaba-shaped crystals can be also used:

In advanced Reiki practices
For traveling in astral realms
To activate and purify the human Light Body

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