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Spirit Psychic & Crystal Healing

Ceramic Pendulum/Dowsing Boards

Ceramic Pendulum/Dowsing Boards

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Make your pendulum dousing much more accurate with this beautiful, hand-crafted ceramic Pendulum Board featuring a stylish Living Pentagram design with a mosaic background and "Yes", "No", "Maybe" and "Unsure" outcomes spread adjacently across the board.

This unique pendulum board, measuring 108 millimeters by 108 millimeters and 10 millimeters thick and weighing 100 grams is made from professionally printed ceramic, giving a high quality finish with meticulous detailing. The pendulum board includes a cork bottom to rest flat and protect both the pendulum board and your surfaces from damage. This is a quality artisan product, hand finished by The Planchette's studio artists.

This pocket-sized pendulum board is made for easy transportation and portability, meaning you can give accurate pendulum readings wherever you are.

Each board has gone through a spiritual cleansing ritual using the finest of Californian White Sage leaving the board ready to use straight out of the packet for its new owner.
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