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Natural Botanical Masala Incense - Sandalwood

Natural Botanical Masala Incense - Sandalwood

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Natural Botanical Masala Incense Sticks in the serene scent of Sandalwood, a gateway to tranquillity and inner peace.

Artisans in India have lovingly crafted these incense sticks to offer a pure, clean, and cruelty-free aromatic experience. Infused with natural herbs and botanicals, they ensure a consistent and captivating fragrance with a residue-free burn.

Sandalwood embodies tranquillity with its woody and sweet scent. Known for its harmonising effect, it promotes mental clarity and relaxation. Frequently used to enhance focus during meditation, Sandalwood becomes the perfect choice for moments of contemplation and inner peace.

Packaged in boxes with botanical designs, not only preserve their freshness but also serve as a stunning piece of decor on any shelf. Each box contains approx. 11 incense sticks.

Experience the tranquil essence of Sandalwood's aroma and let it infuse your space with harmony and relaxation.

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