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Spirit Psychic & Crystal Healing

Handmade Wood Spirit/Ouija Board

Handmade Wood Spirit/Ouija Board

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These stunning Spirit/Ouija boards have been handmade to my specific design.
They are A4 size or A3 size and come with a planchette.
It's a clean light wood. I am very pleased with these and proud to be able to have them in my shop.

🔹 A savvy businessman named Charles Kennard noticed this occult craze and set out to invent a kind of "talking table," which would make it quicker and easier to reach the spirit world. Once he had developed a prototype Kennard asked the spirits what his invention should be called and the planchette spelled out "Talking board." When he inquired what the bizarre word meant, they replied "good luck."

🔹 The Spirit board was first marketed as a toy in the 1890s with no explanation of how it worked, just that it could answer questions about the past, present of future with uncanny accuracy, and that it would provide a link "between the known and unknown, the material and immaterial."
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