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Blue Tiger's Eye Specimen

Blue Tiger's Eye Specimen

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Blue Tiger's Eye or "the Blue Tiger's Eye crystal" is a beautiful soothing stone formed through a natural process that takes place deep within the Earth. The formation of this gemstone begins with the mineral Crocidolite, a type of asbestos. Over time, this mineral is subject to intense heat and pressure, causing it to change and morph into the stone we know as Blue Tiger's Eye.

This transformation process is known as metamorphism, a vital step in forming many different types of stones. During metamorphism, the minerals that make up the Crocidolite are rearranged and reorganized, creating new structures and properties. In the case of Blue Tiger's Eye, this process causes the Crocidolite to become fibrous and take on a bluish-gray color.

The next step in forming this variety of Tiger's Eye is the process of alteration. The stone is exposed to fluids containing silicon and iron during alteration. These fluids work to replace the asbestos fibers in the Crocidolite with silicon and iron, creating the gemstone's unique chatoyancy, or "cat's eye" effect. The silicon and iron also give Blue Tiger's Eye its characteristic dreamy blue/gray/golden brown color.

The final step in the formation of Tiger's Eye is the process of weathering and erosion. Over time, the gemstone is exposed to the elements, and the outer layers of the stone begin to wear away. This process can take millions of years, giving Tiger's Eye its unique shape and texture.

It's good to note that Blue Tiger's Eye is not a common stone and the quality of Tiger's Eye can vary greatly based on locale, with some of the best quality stones being found in mines in South Africa.

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