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Good Luck - Tumbles Stone Set - Crystal Healing

Good Luck - Tumbles Stone Set - Crystal Healing

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A set of natural tumble stone crystals for grief & loss.
You receive three crystals in an organza bag. The perfect gift for a loved one.

Crystal Properties 

Red Jasper: Red jasper has been used as a stone of protection for thousands of years. It is believed this jasper has an ability to create and help balance aggressive, dynamic energy. Red jasper was used to staunch wounds and increase fertility.

Clear Quartz: Clear Quartz Crystal is a power stone that harmonizes and balances. It augments energy by absorbing, amplifying, and balancing, storing, retrieving, focusing, transmitting and channelling universal energy and is excellent for unblocking it.

Jade: Jade is a highly valued stone that symbolizes gentleness, serenity, harmony, and balance in feng shui, or the practice of bringing balance to your life and home with energy. Jade has many meanings, including strength, luck, and good health. Jade is also revered for its healing properties balancing the body's processes.

I have plenty more crystals, so feel free to take a look.

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