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Golden Healer Quartz Tower/Point

Golden Healer Quartz Tower/Point

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What Is Golden Healer Quartz?

Golden healer quartz, also known in some circles as hematoid quartz, is one of many types of quartz. Its golden coloring comes from inclusions in the crystal. While clear quartz is made of silicon dioxide, golden healer quartz takes its color from trace amounts of iron present in the crystal.

Many people use golden healer quartz metaphysical properties alone or with other stones and gems. This can help to reap the benefits of the energy vibrations and qualities the crystal confers.

What Makes Golden Healer Quartz Special?

There are several quartz properties that set golden healer quartz apart from other stones. Many types of quartz have specific properties that make them attractive.

Golden healer uses derive from its status as the "master healer" crystal. The golden tones of the stone advertise some of its qualities as an all-purpose healing tool.


Golden healer benefits include the ability to align chakras and magnify the flow of energy through the body. According to many people, this stone helps to activate energy centers and improve your ability to manifest what you're seeking. It also helps bring forward your highest self.

For people who want to break free of destructive habits, or pull themselves out of an energetic rut, golden healer quartz metaphysical properties can help restore courage and improve determination.

How to Use Golden Healer Quartz

There are many ways you can incorporate golden healer quartz into your life and routine to reap the benefits. One of the most popular methods is a golden healer quartz heart worn as jewelry or carried in the pocket. This can help lend energetic balance and confidence.

You can also benefit from carrying raw quartz crystals or keeping them close to your bed at home. Crystal healers also swear by combining golden healer quartz with other stones to amplify their qualities.

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