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Dowsing Rods - Divination Tool (Large)

Dowsing Rods - Divination Tool (Large)

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Dowsing rods have been used for time immemorial. These arcane devices are actively used today to dowse for water, mineral deposits and lost items. For paranormal pursuits, dowsing rods are also used to communicate with the other side.

These rods are constructed with a copper tube that goes around the rod itself. The purpose of this tube is to ensure that the rods move on their own accord and can spin freely without influence from the palm.

Each set of rods comes with a basic set of instructions and most anyone can use them successfully for communication with a bit of practice.

This set of rods is designed for a larger swing so the results are easily viewable by all those present. This set of rods is 34cm long with a 12cm handle
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